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Top Ten Weirdest Films To Explode Your Mind With

Not everyone is a big fan of experimental films, or even mainstream films that experiment to push boundaries. Something about good ol’ Hollywood and its conventions make us feel right at home and secure, right? Sure, we have happy endings … Continue reading

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Oscar snubbery=snobbery?

The oscar nominations are in, and let’s say I am both pleased and incredibly shocked. First off, I did not expect Tree of Life to be nominated for best picture and director. This is good. Secondly, I did not expect … Continue reading

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The Five Film Series You Won’t Believe Are Still At It

I’ve discussed how much I loathe greedy filmmakers that don’t care for art or for story telling, so I won’t get too much into that. I’ve discussed how stupid I think the new Underworld movie will be, so I won’t … Continue reading

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Jim Carrey is now half a century old.

The man who once had a green face and begged through sarcastic teeth for somebody to “stop him” is still on a roll. James Eugene Carrey, as we all know as Jim Carrey, was born in Newmarket, Ontario on January … Continue reading

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Are the Golden Globes just pyrite?

Well, the biggest awards for anybody that works in the film and television industries are the Academy Awards and Emmys, respectively. These awards are of top honor, whether you find them to be politically biased or not. Just to be … Continue reading

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When I look into my crystal ball, I see…

…nothing. These things don’t work. Yes, I have been very unprofessional by taking so long (great way to start off a blog, amirite?). I’ve also been fairly cynical and sarcastic in the majority of my articles (but it’s how I … Continue reading

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Bin Laden film a disaster?

Naturally, hours after the confirmed death of Osama Bin Laden in the middle of last year, studios were sprinting to be the first to make a movie about his life. Yikes. Well, there’s not much more to explain in regards … Continue reading

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Sacha Barren Cohen?

Okay that title doesn’t even make sense. First week in and I’m already running out of names. Well, actually, after the article is read I guess the name will make sense. Barren means many things, a few including “lacking”, “lacking … Continue reading

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It’s the End of the World as we Know it…

…and this title reference is now completely obsolete since R.E.M. are no longer a band. 2012 has been the butt-end of jokes, and also the biggest fear of the gullible, since someone decided to bring up the Mayan calendar years … Continue reading

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When they said the Academy was going to the dogs, I didn’t think they meant this.

And after that terrible first impression, let’s get the story straight from the beginning. There is a campaign for a dog to win an Academy Award. Wait… Had a second to think about it? Okay now that the most bizarre … Continue reading

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