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Academy Awards 2012 Predictions

So it’s that time of year again, where amateurs like me pretend to know what they are talking about! Here are my Academy Award predictions! I will give a small explanation for each to show why I picked that nominee. … Continue reading

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The Best Biopic Performances By Australian Actors

And somehow my most serious title yet still makes me sound like a sarcastic jackass. Australian actress Naomi Watts is one I feel has been pushed to the side a bit. I think every role she has done that I … Continue reading

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The Force is Strong With this One

And yes, that was a pun. Figure it out yourself. Alas, the Star Wars franchise has jumped on the bandwagon and apparently the entire saga will be re-released in theaters in 3D. Boy did we not see that coming, with … Continue reading

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Tim Burned Out?

I’m running out of title ideas, ok? So, Tim Burton is releasing a film this year as most of us know. Why does this matter? Well, Tim Burton is a bit of an interesting individual. At the start of his … Continue reading

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