Tuesday Release Reviews: March 6th, 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates. Busy with school and future ideas for the blog and video games (don’t worry, they are essential for my productivity). I’ve been working on articles that are sure to make their way here soon enough.
Anyways, one of the things I will be working now are weekly release reviews, for whatever films are released on dvd/blu ray that day and that week.  You can probably guess that there will be something like this for each day once a week (or as many days as possible).
The way you should read my ratings:

10-Flawless, nothing about it has to be changed
9.0-9.9-Fantastic and everybody should check it out
8.0-8.9-Great film for its genre, so fans of said genre/style should check this out
7.0-7.9-Good film. Noticeable flaws, but they don’t take away too much from the film
6.0-6.9-Passable. Enough of the film to be a bit off putting but there is still a lot to like
5.0-5.9-Highest failing grade. Just misses the mark.  More bad than there is good.
4.0-4.9-Bland. Only watch if you are an extreme fanatic of the filmmaker/actor, etc.
3.0-3.9-The best kind of “bad” film. Bad, but you can see the work put into it at least.
2.0-2.9-Terrible execution.The concept may be good, but it should still be avoided.
1.0-1.9-Everything about this film screams bad. Guaranteed to be a pile of garbage.
0.1-0.9-Films that are so bad, they aren’t even funny bad. Avoid at all costs.
0.0-The worst I have ever seen (you will bump into a few of these eventually).

And now, sit back and read for whatever reason (boredom, perhaps?), as

Here are the films you should buy or rent or completely avoid for the week of March 6th, 2012

The Skin I Live In

Pick of the week: 
The Skin I Live In [La Piel Que Habito]
Rating: 8.2

This creepy film, similar to Eyes Without A Face, won the Best Foreign Film award at this year’s BAFTAs (think of them as the British Academy Awards if you’d like). People who are easily disturbed or are squeamish may want to avoid this film as it is a film about a biologically sensitive subject (a twisted surgeon trying to create skin that cannot be burned by testing on patients he has kidnapped). There is also a lot of upsetting sequences, which seems natural for a body horror/thriller (and apparently a foreign film nowadays), so that has to be kept in mind as well. However, those that are somehow intrigued by this revolting plot (I pity you, but you have every right to pity me), this film is definitely worth watching. Antonio Banderas is the best he has ever been (this is coming from a person who is not a fan of his whatsoever) as the diabolical surgeon that means well but can’t seem to translate his intentions in a morally correct way. The directing is great and the film is full of a sinister force you can’t ignore. I’m surprised this film wasn’t recognized by the Academy, but haven’t I gone over my feeling of betrayal with you enough?


Rating: 6.3
I am not a big fan of this genre. I love good musicals, yes, and while Footloose doesn’t really qualify as a full fledged musical, it falls under the category I’d like to pretend I made up called Dance Films. I don’t believe I have seen the ultimate dance film yet and there could be one brewing out there. People thought they saw the best dance films with Dirty Dancing and Footloose back in the day, and with their remakes popping out of nowhere all of a sudden, there must be some sort of demand for more great dance films to be made. That being said, this film, for a remake of a film I don’t really care about, isn’t that bad. Because filmmakers are obviously wondering the same thing I am, if there will be an ultimate dance film or not, you can see that there was some hard work put into this. The acting’s not bad, and the leads are decent enough for you to want to follow them. I’m not a big fan of how they tried to combine the script of the old film to the style of this new generation, but if that’s something you’d look forward to, then by all means. If you are curious about how this remake stands up to the original, I think it falls short technically but it’s definitely got the same heart and spirit. Those who are curious may want to check this out.

Jack and Jill

Worst of the week:
Jack and Jill
Rating: 0.4

Easily one of the worst films of last year. I told myself I wouldn’t see this film for the longest time, but sadly I gave in recently, not because I wanted to but just so I could give you guys something to read (aren’t I nice, you bunch of asses?). Last year, Just Go With It was also released, which is another Sandler clunker. At least that film had some will behind it. It had some sense of purpose but it couldn’t be channeled by the man who wants to repeat the same joke over and over again, Mr. Sandler himself. He believes that, hey, if his funny voice and poop jokes got him through his earlier, more likable films, that it will still work now. Jack and Jill is much, much worse, and it was a film I wasn’t prepared for. There may never be anything more annoying than two Adam Sandlers trying to pull of the exact same jokes that just will not die. I couldn’t give less of a shit about them or Jill’s desire to feel wanted. The acting is appalling, and Sandler over acts more than he ever has as his female counter part. Even Pacino’s performance was difficult to watch. I know he at least tried, but it still made me cringe. The jokes are hard to talk about, because I don’t even know what half the jokes were. I spent the entire film going “wait, was that a poorly written joke?”, not knowing what was intended to be funny and what wasn’t. The more obvious jokes are painfully obvious and they stab you in the eye to let you know they are there and that you should laugh. This film was torturous to watch and Sandler should feel beside himself with disgust, not with praise in thinking he can be on screen for double the time.

Films that are out that I have not seen, thus you should take your own judgement:

-The Immortals (looks like a hit or a miss, but more like a miss. Can’t say Mickey Rourke doesn’t make me want to watch it, though)
-Like Crazy (Doesn’t look too shabby. Jennifer Lawrence is a star I’m interested to see grow since her career has only just begun).


See you guys next week, where you can thank me for my help or express how wrong I was!

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